Twitter Reacts To Zendaya’s Madame Tussauds’ Wax Figure

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Another day, another wax figure.

This time it’s Euphoria star Zendaya who is the subject of a Twitter debate about if the famous Madame Tussands’ Wax Museum got it right. And many on social media vote, “Not quite.”

Earlier this week, Madame Tussands London unveiled its wax figure of Zendaya that features the Disney alum’s 2016 red carpet appearance at the “To The Rescue Gala” hosted by the Humane Society of the United States.

The bright pink Stella McCartney power suit, and sleek hairstyle, some Twitter users said missed the mark, while others say the museum was spot on.

“I see what they were going for but the proportions of every aspect are a little off,” one Twitter user wrote.

“How does this both look like her and look nothing like her at the same time???” another person said.

“that wax figure looks almost exactly like zendaya idk what y’all are talking about,” one person argued.

Another person said that the wax figure made the 25-year-old look like a flight attendant.

According to NBC News, the new wax figure is set to be open to the public starting Friday (February 11) and will be placed inside the museum’s “Awards Party Zone.”

Check out more reactions below.

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