Tisha Campbell Files Police Report After Texas Human Trafficking Incident

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Actress Tisha Campbell is officially filing a police report after the harrowing incident last week in which she “almost got snatched up” by people she suspects are human traffickers.

The My Wife and Kids star says she was working on the set of an independent film in South Padre Island, Texas –– just north of the Mexican border. In an Instagram post Friday (January 28), Campbell said the area didn’t have Ubers so she “had to call a taxi.”

“So I get this number, but the truck –– van that pulls up is real sketchy looking. But there’s a guy in the backseat right?” she says in the social media post, adding that the man jumped out and told her to get into the vehicle.

Campbell repeatedly refused to get into the car, she described as being “dirty” and looked like the backseat had been removed. The actress went back into the hotel where she says the employee who gave her the number for the suspicious taxi wasn’t at the front desk anymore.

“I asked the woman where she was. She looks at the number and says, ‘Why would he give you this number? This isn’t the normal number,” Campbell wrote in the IG post caption.

“It was a set up for real,” she added.

Her publicist, Courtney Barnes told The Los Angeles Times that, “She’s very traumatized by the whole thing.”

Social media casted doubt on the actress’ account of what happened after Brownsville, Texas police said there was no record of her staying at any of the hotels. Brownsville is 30 miles away from South Padre Island and has its own police department.

Campbell thanked the film production for their concern and is no longer in Texas, Barnes confirmed.

Human trafficking is a serious, global issue, to learn more about it, including warning signs and prevention information, please click HERE.

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