State Rep. Kendrick: Congress should slow down on tech, consider all consequences

When President Joe Biden delivered his State of the Union address this month, he laid out a vision for Congress and the administration, one that was laser-focused on addressing the immediate and widely felt needs of the American people. The speech provided a clear agenda for what issues we should be tackling, and that should motivate Democrats to tailor their agenda to the policies that align with the President’s vision.

Of course, the goals that the President highlighted were numerous, but his address mirrored where the American people, including Georgia voters, have their hearts and minds focused. Especially as the 2022 midterms approach, voters are expecting the party to bring a cohesive, dedicated focus to the issues everyday Americans are concerned about, just as the President detailed.

That includes taking adequate time to consider the consequences of policies currently under discussion, including the slate of antitrust bills aimed at the technology sector moving through the Senate.

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