Nutrithick Encourages Women to Remain True to their Bodies

Insecurities are common for many people, especially as they relate to body image. Entrepreneur Tiffany Davis is no exception. Based on issues she had with her own body, she chose to find a solution for a physique that she was not completely happy with. This process would ultimately result in Davis becoming a millionaire.

 “I was trying to find a way back to my normal size, or just get a little bit bigger, because after breastfeeding, I was really small and I didn’t feel feminine,” Davis said. “I didn’t feel like myself.”

Davis believed that there was a solution for developing a curvier frame, which could be obtained naturally and safely. She conferred with a colleague from school; their work resulted in a group of all-natural products that ultimately gave her the physique she desired. Nutrithick was born.

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