Lizzo Responds To Critics Who Claim ‘Rumors’ Is The Worst Song Of The Year [watch]

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Lizzo wants fans to know the true difference between viral music and good music.

The Grammy Award winning star, whose 2021 song “Rumors” featuring Cardi B reached the top of the charts this year, is known for making huge records that can’t be put in a specific box. Her music is not only featured in television commercials, most of her songs a major hits on TikTok. So it comes as no surprise that “Rumors” is already breaking records since it’s August release.

One fan took to Twitter to celebrate the star’s success, and questioned why some critics are calling “Rumors” the the “worst song of 2021”. Lizzo responded to the trivial question, writing:

“I don’t think [people] know the difference between ‘bad’ music & non-viral music these days. They equate virality [with] quality & that’s just not true. When I play this song live thousands of [people] scream the words. I’m getting plaques for ‘Rumors’. Viral does NOT = successful YALL”

The “Juice” singer’s response comes on the heels of former President Barack Obama revealing his annual picks of favorite songs of the year — and Lizzo’s “Rumors” with Cardi B made the cut. Obama tweeted his lengthy list, sharing:

“I’ve always enjoyed listening to a wide variety of music, so it’s no surprise that I listened to a little bit of everything this year. I hope you find a new artist or song to add to your own playlist.”

Lizzo’s collaboration with Cardi continues achieve success. According to the RIAA, the record is currently certified gold.

Congrats to both artists for the wins.


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