Joseph: The racist, sexist mudslinging at Ketanji Brown Jackson is disgraceful

In the first days of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s US Senate confirmation hearings as the nominee to become the first Black woman associate justice on the US Supreme Court, it’s becoming clearer how long a journey it’s been to get to this moment — and the road that still remains to be traveled.

Tennessee Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s final opening remarks Monday revealed the scope of what Jackson’s up against. Blackburn’s inaccurate and blatantly racist attempts to patronize Jackson while twisting her sterling record into a scare narrative of GOP bogeymen — critical race theory, the 1619 Project and controversies over transgender athletes and women’s sports — were staggering yet unsurprising.

Despite highly visible efforts by Republicans on the committee to discredit, humiliate and smear Jackson, it is well worth remembering why her story matters to so many people. Her origin story as a young Black girl who excelled at some of the best schools in America, served early in her professional career as a public defender, went on to clerk for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer before rising to become a US District Judge and to be confirmed to the US Court of Appeals, is an example of the best part of this nation’s promise. Her story is one that embodies the best of America.

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