Georgia Republicans fire back at Stacey Abrams

From the moment Stacey Abrams announced her intentions to run for governor of Georgia on Wednesday afternoon, the landscape shifted in U.S. politics. Many observers that were quietly hoping for a rematch between the former Minority Leader in Georgia’s House of Representatives versus current Governor, Brian P. Kemp, had their wishes granted. With Abrams’s announcement, the 2022 Georgia Governor’s race has become America’s most watched political contest, already.

Included in that number, are various Republicans who fired attacks directed at Abrams that have seemingly resided in the draft folder of their email and social media accounts for the past two years (or more). The opening salvo came from Georgia GOP Chairperson, David Shafer:

“Georgians have rejected Stacey Abrams once and I have no doubt they will reject her again. She is thoroughly out of step with the mainstream of Georgia.”

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