Georgia Congressional Candidate Vernon Jones Says Civil Rights Aren’t For LGBTQ+ People

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Republican congressional candidate Vernon Jones believes there’s a key difference between LGBTQ+ rights and the fight for civil rights — being gay is a “choice.”

Jones said on War Room, former Trump aide Steven Bannon’s podcast, “Civil rights for Blacks and civil rights for gays are two different things.” He added, “I don’t know what you are unless you tell me what you are if you’re gay. But when I walk into that room, you can tell that I’m Black from cradle to grave. Let’s not get that confused.”

On Thursday’s (April 7) podcast, Jones went on to assert that members of the LGBTQ+ community have the choice to change their identity. 

“They can actually change. You can go from being straight to being gay to being transgender and all these other genders,” Jones said. “But when you’re Black, I don’t have a choice. I don’t have a choice. So to compare the two … it rubs me the wrong way.”

Jones is in the running to become a U.S. House of Representative for Georgia’s 10th district, which former President Donald Trump has endorsed. The Republican congressional hopeful originally joined the race for Georgia governor but pulled out when Trump endorsed a different candidate.

Jones told Bannon that the woke ideology Democrats are promoting is “breaking down the moral fiber and fabric of the African American community.”

“To see what’s happening now, it’s un-American,” Jones said on Bannon’s podcast. “It’s going to take conservative African Americans to save the Republican party. Because they saved us from slavery.”

LGBTQ+ rights have become a key issue leading up to the 2022 midterm elections, The Hill reports.

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