Butler: More Affordable Health Care Means Greater Equity and Progress in Georgia

I’ve dedicated much of my life to standing at the forefront of the civil rights movement and advocating for equity and justice in every facet of our society. I’ve fought and will continue to fight for the millions of Americans that feel as if they’ve never had a voice. Today, I’m proud to be the Executive Director of the Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda, where I fight on behalf of Georgians for a wide array of issues — including one of the most important matters in America today: affordable, accessible health care for all.

Inadequate access to affordable health care is one of the greatest single barriers to the success of our communities today, and I’m committed to working with other local, state and national leaders to make this a top priority.

Over the past two years, lower-income and historically disadvantaged communities have experienced disproportionate hardships during the pandemic. In addition to struggling with higher prices for everyday necessities, affordable health care has become a particularly poignant issue for many Georgians. We must have more solutions on the table to address access to affordable health care so we can set our communities up for success and help more people live long, healthy, productive lives.

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